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The Winery

Our new winery is an ideal combination of traditional and modern - a real gem for Larnaca district, surrounded by vineyards with Cypriot varieties.

The construction of the new building started in 2008 and was completed in 2012, with a lot of effort, zeal and passion. It includes four large areas: the production area, an underground wine maturing and aging cellar, the bottling area, as well as a dining and tasting area.

vineyards cyprus

The production area is specially designed to receive grapes directly from the vintage, while ensuring the smooth flow of must and wine. It houses all the necessary modern equipment for the production of quality wines from more than 200 tons of grapes, which includes pneumatic press, special pre-fermentation tanks for white wine, stainless steel fermentation tanks for white and red vinification with automatic cooling system, oak for cooling and oak stabilization tanks.

The red wines of the Domaine and some of the white wines spend a significant period of time in the wine cellar for maturing and aging purposes. The cellar is kept at constant conditions of temperature and humidity. The wines benefit from ageing in dozens of French oak barrels with a capacity of 225L ensure ideal ripening conditions.

At the same time, the advanced wine production technology creates an ideal environment for the aging process of the wines which allow the wines to rest in ideal conditions until they are released on the market.

In the bottling are there is a modern wine bottling system with a capacity of packing up to 1000 bottles per hour, as well as accommodating the equipment for labeling and packaging of bottled wines.

Finally, our winery includes and is completed with a closed and open reception area on the ground floor, museum area and a tasting area and a restaurant specially designed for winter or summer events.

Doors are open 7 days per week from 9am to 5pm. Visitors are welcome to visit us for wine tasting and tour.