Our story begins in 1992 when Christoudia family - the winery’s creators decided to develop their knowedge and love for enology.

Although the Founders were working in a completely different field, they started out by producing wine as a hobby. Having minimum oenological knowledge but a real love and passion for wine, Christoudia famiy cultivated their parental vineyards and they attempted to make their own wine. Initially, their friends and relatives loved the wine they produced and thus they decided to expand and create a small winery.


1st bottle was produced at Mesana village in Paphos


The 1st bottle of wine was spoiled so the Founder, was introduced to The Oenology sector in the Department of Agriculture and started oenology lessons with Andreas Emmanuel


1st wine barrel was produced


200L production


2000L and the 1st winery called KRELAN (from our children’s initials Kritonas, Elena, Andreas) with the wine series of Tychikos (Saint of Luck) has been established. The goal was to produce 10 000 bottles of wine but ended up producing 20 000.


Continuous growth in both quality and quantity and producing around 40000L with opening up the new winery and rebranded to Ktima Christoudia


100 000 bottles of wines production

wine cellar

It was originally named KRELAN (from the initials of their children’s names) with the series of Tyhikos (Saint of Luck) wines.

Pushing the continuous distinctions in various wine competitions, the time quickly came for the next step: in 2012 the modern winery “Ktima Christoudia” was created in one of the most picturesque villages, ​​Kato Drys, in a wonderful location, surrounded by the family vineyards.

The new generation of the family has now entered the management of the company. Elena with marketing studies and rich experience in the field of advertising has already established herself on the estate, while Andreas and Kritonas, with studies in agriculture and organic farming respectively, will lead  to a new face of development .

With a production that has already exceeded 100,000 bottles per year, Ktima Christoudia has as its logo a cute donkey, which uniquely symbolizes the love, patience  and hard work hidden in each bottle of “Ktima Christoudia” wines.