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We believe that every wine has its own story. It is an integral part of the tradition, religion, history and social life of the Cypriot.

We firmly believe that it is no coincidence that the Cypriot varieties have endured for so many years and that’s the reason we chose to plant and cultivate our own vineyards with only Cypriot varieties to ensure the quality of the grapes and to exhibit premium wines. We thrive to produce wines that reflect their origin, wine making it’s an ancient procedure and it shows us many things about the earth, the environment and the local people.

Our philosophy is woven with commitment  for every customer to enjoy meticulous wines from production to packaging.  Our goal is also for each visitor to feel our warm hospitality and to live a special experience in our Winery. Besides, our goal is to make the Christodia Estate a wine-tourist destination, thus contributing to the agro-tourism development of the area. Our immediate plans also include the production of organic wines with sustainable agricultural methods, utilizing as much as possible the natural factors of our place, such as soil and climate.