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5 + 1 reasons to choose a winery for your wedding

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In fact, the real question is why shouldn’t you organise your wedding in a winery? This option has so many advantages which seems unnecessary to be very chatty about it.

The truth is that a wedding in a winery seems like… a fairytale: you can see the vineyards around you which are somehow abandoned, composing a scenery entirely different from what you see every day. They combine relaxation and peacefulness along with romanticism and fun – and this is not only because of the abundance of the wine!

Let’s have a look now, very quickly, at some of the most important reasons why you should choose to make your wedding reception in one of our wineries!

Beautiful scenery
A winery gives you a wealth of natural beauty: the view of vineyards, the green hillsides and in general, the landscape looks like it has sprung from a movie. At Ktima Christoudia, we create a romantic and hospital atmosphere, ideal for your wedding party! A small beautiful world for your big day!

Elegant but Relaxed Atmosphere
The combination of nature along with the warmness that an estate exhales, offers a very unique feeling of serene elegance. The fresh air, the open space and the beautiful scenery will give you a very unique feeling, making this day very special for you. Very few places can combine simplicity with finesse so intimately.

Εase of Choices, All in One
Far away from traffic congestion, a winery combines calmness and synthesizes an ideal scenery for your wedding photos! Τhere are certainly several churches near, with easier convenience, relieving you from the anxiety of long and tiring transportation from the church to the wedding party.

Although you might dream of an evening reception at an outdoor space with abundant green, a winery gives you the choice of an indoor space as well! You can also make your cocktails at our outdoor spaces and keep your dinner in our indoor spaces.

Lastly, you can use the winery as a theme and offer small bottles of wine with custom labels, decorate the barrels, use the corks as centerpieces- and anything else your designer can think of!

Canvas decoration
Although an estate offers you plenty of things, as far as the aesthetic aspect is concerned, it also gives you the capacity to configure your space as you dream it. Our premises along with the neutral colours of the nature create a perfect canva which allows you to transfuse your personal style of decoration in the venue, with remarkable lighting, oak barrels, flowers, wooden tables, combining the style you dream οf– from rustic up to vintage and romantic.

Amazing photography scenes
A winery provides you with an infinite number of beautiful photos with natural lighting in different remarkable scenes such as vineyards, liquor store, barrels along with the green landscape. A professional photographer will guide you and help you find the ideal scenery for you!

Good quality food and of course, Exceptional Wines!
Wedding in a winery cannot exist without good wine! Take advantage of the location offering exceptional wines in combination with the impeccable food with high quality ingredients. Authentic flavours with dishes either from our cuisine or from caterings of your choice. You can also offer wines from our vineyards that surround you and your guests.

Be honest, is there anything cooler than this?

At last, don’t you think the only question should simply be: “White or Red?”

Your wedding is without a doubt a very special day for you, and you along with your guests should enjoy it to the fullest!

Ktima Christoudia is located in an idyllic location, you can enjoy the sunset and the beautiful view, giving you a dreamy romantic scenery with the proprietary vineyards at the background along with the monastery of Saint Minas. It is close not only to Nicosia and Larnaca, but also in Limassol, ensuring an easy and fast access to your guests while being far away from the bustle of the city.

Trust our staff, our professionalism and hospitality and enjoy the wine shop and our wines, our gastronomic suggestions and live your wedding day like a proper celebration!

For more information contact us to discuss your packages and in order to make the wedding of your dreams real.