12 things to do in Mountainous Larnaca!


Mountainous Larnaca is mostly famous for its picturesque villages and its traditional architecture, but in fact, there are so many other unique elements that can fascinate its visitors!

The natural beauty, the local civilization and the numerous activities of the inhabitants compose an exquisite mosaic, from its peaceful places, cycling routes, cobbled alleys, museums, historical churches, monasteries and its amazing restaurants.

Below, we have gathered some suggestions for you. Discover 12 things that you should definitely do when visiting mountainous Larnaca!

Kato Drys



Visit Kato Drys Bee & Embroidery Museum

The museum, with Mr. Iacovos and Μrs. Elli Kornioti, as its owners, keeps alive a unique aspect of our tradition: in a restored residence of three rooms, each room has been dedicated to a unique pursuit of the residents of the region in the long-past years.

The museum is consisted of two levels:in the lower level, the first section is dedicated to beekeeping and the production of Zivania. The next section is focused on the agricultural life of past centuries, whereas in the third section, there is the “maeriko”- a traditional Cypriot household.

At the upper level, there is a traditional, fully functional loom, a very big collection of hand-woven textiles, silk fabrics, as well as a traditional carving bed! At the last section that includes two rooms, the visitor has the unique opportunity to see the well-known lefkaritiko embroidery up close, famous throughout Cyprus, along with different documents, notebooks, clothes and photographs.

Contact details: 99892677, 99360147

Discover “Madradji”

If you like the traditional Cypriot products, then you should definitely visit “Madradji tis Yiayias”.

There, you will find handmade traditional products such as “tremithopittes”, cinnamon drink, sweet almonds etc., that are all prepared on the spot, directly from Mrs. Lygia’s hands.

Contact details: 97807307

Relax at the coffee shop “Tis Foukous to Kagkelo

When you visit the picturesque village of “Kato drys” to enjoy its scenic narrows and mansions with its traditional architecture, it is worth making a stop at the only coffee shop of the village. There, apart from the fragrant coffee, you will find food bites on Fridays, and grilled appetizers on Saturdays.

Contact details: 99757342



Walk up to Saint Mina’s monastery

Saint Mina’s monastery is located at Vavla village. It is one of the biggest monasteries of the island dating back to the 15th century. It is very close to our winery, on the road for “Kato drys” and it is a nunnery.

Before 1964, the nunnery was abandoned for many years and it was converted into a scrapyard. In 1964, it was inhabited by nuns who came from Saint George in Alamanou. They have managed to reconstruct and maintain it with the locals’ help. Saint Minas is celebrated on the 11th of November; οn this day there is a huge festival in which many worshippers and visitors from all over Cyprus come to attend.

Contact details: 24342952

Visit Panagia tis Agapis (Our Lady of Love)

The Chapel of the Lovers: a small church at the village of Vavla, built in 1935 and dedicated to “Panagia tis Agapis” (Our Lady of Love). It is the only church in Cyprus, and all over the world, which is dedicated to the Lady of Love.

Αt the courtyard of the church there is a tree in which different initials of people in love are engraved, while in the interior of the church there are dozens of eternal love vows, since people in love visit the chapel to pray, either to seal their love, or to ask for help to resolve their disputes, or even to help single people find true love.

Find out the secrets of Beekeeping in Ecophysis

Ecophysis helps visitors discover the mysteries and beauties of beekeeping, of its natural environment, and the tasting of fresh local products with hands-on experience and educational activities, like excursions “Become a beekeeper for one day”, expeditions for collection of herbs and different tasks for a candle workshop. They also produce the well-known honey “Vavla” and other natural beekeeping products, like wax creams, candles, pollen and royal jelly.

Be aware that visits are made only with reservations.

Contact details: 96373013



Make a stop at Tasties

Tasties is a lovely and very remarkable coffee shop in the picturesque Lefkara where you can enjoy coffee, food and sweets. At this impressive, traditional mansion you can drink your coffee next to the fireplace in the winter, and at the picturesque interior yard during summer.

Contact details: 24 343411

“Agious Vavatsinias”


Discover homemade flavours at Ermis Workshop.

At this workshop, which is located at “Agias Vavatsinias”, Mrs. Ermi Papakyriacou prepares for you a big variety of traditional spoon sweets and homemade marmalades! You should definitely try spoon sweets of quince, fig, watermelon, and for the more courageous here, sweet cucumber!

You will be also given the opportunity for a tasting of jams and to discover the process of production while enjoying your coffee!

Contact details: 99 311520



Fill your batteries at Feedzone Station

Before, during or after your cycling, make a stop at Freedzoone Station at the “cycling village”, at the village of Tochni. If you are simply passing by from there, you might as well make a stop and enjoy your coffee at its benches, to boost your energy and try fresh smoothies.

Contact details: 99 464463



Discover the craft of basket-weaving

In an impressive traditional house, built in 1903, at the heart of picturesque core of Choirokitia, the talented owner Petros Nicolaou has set a small workshop where he makes exceptional objects of traditional basketry such as “talarka”, “panerka”,  “froukalia”, baskets and “sarkes”!

For deckles, Petros uses “sklinitzia”, a kind of grass which grows at river banks, while for “panerka”, he uses wheaten stubbles.



Taste the local dishes at the coffee restaurant named “Lagias”.

At this graphic village of only 14 residents, you will find the coffee restaurant “Lagias” and a big variety of flavours of Greek and Cypriot cuisine. It is a very hospital and cool environment where you can find distinctive plates of pork with honey as well as chicken with honey and soya sauce.

Contact details: 96756945


Relax at Chimonas-café.

At Odou community, at the most mountainous village in Larnaca, you will find at the public square, freshly ground coffee, herbs from the mountains of the region, honey from the village, fresh eggs from the hens of the owners, handmade sweets of spoon, freshly baked bread from their and many more!

Contact details: 99 785620